"High Beach"
Some Western Australian History & Some Family History & Some More

A Bird List for Allen Park, Swanbourne

Pacific Black DuckAnas superciliosaOn more than one occasion a pair has been seen flying over the bushland.
Silver GullLarus novaehollandiaeNot often sighted.
*Spotted DoveStreptopelia chinensis
*Laughing DoveStreptopelia senegalensis At the right time of year these birds have been seen feeding in patches of Geraldton Carnation Weed (Euphorbia terracina). It is believed that they eat the seed both here and in their respective countries of origin.
GalahCacatua roseicapilla
*Long-billed CorellaCacatua tenuirostris
Little CorellaCacatua sanguinea
*Rainbow LorikeetTrichoglossus haematodus
Australian RingneckPlatycercus zonarius
Horsefield's Bronze-CuckooChalcites basalisPresent winter 2015
Fan-tailed CuckooCacomantis flabelliformisPresent winter 2013
Southern BoobookNinox novaeseelandiae
Tawny FrogmouthPodargus strigoides
*Laughing KookaburraDacelo novaeguineaeIntroduced into Western Australia as "the farmers' friend"
Rainbow Bee-eaterMerops ornatusSee Frank O'Connor's Birding Western Australia for information on Rainbow Bee-eaters
Variegated Fairy-wrenMalurus lamberti
White-winged Fairy-wrenMalurus leucopterus
Brown HoneyeaterLichmera indistincta
New Holland HoneyeaterPhylidonyris novaehollandiae
White-cheeked HoneyeaterPhylidonyris nigra
Western WattlebirdAnthochaera lunulata
Red WattlebirdAnthochaera carunculata
Singing HoneyeaterLichenostomus virescens
Striated PardalotePardalotus striatus
WeebilSmicrornis brevirostris
Grey ButcherbirdCracticus torquatus
Australian MagpieCracticus tibicenRegularly nest in the tall trees in the bushland
Black-faced Cuckoo-shrikeCoracina novaehollandiae
Willy WagtailRhipidura leucophrys
Grey FantailRhipidura fuliginosa
Magpie-larkGrallina cyanoleuca
Australian RavenCorvus coronoides
Welcome SwallowHirundo neoxena
SilvereyeZosterops lateralis

Total bird species in this list - 34

*Introduced species