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William Baxter - Botanical Collector

William Baxter made his first valuable collection of plants on the south coast of New Holland in 1823. He collected in the region again in 1829 by which time a military outpost had been established at King George's Sound. His name is commemorated by the genus Baxteria and by about 10 baxteranus species. That little is known about William Baxter is highlighted by the fact his birth date is unknown and that he is said to have died by 1836.

Prior to collecting plants in Australia, Baxter worked as a gardener for the Comptesse (Countess) de Vandes who had a cottage and garden in Uxbridge Road from about 1803. She purchased plants from the Clapton Nursery.

Some claim that the convict John Richardson (1797 - 1882) assisted William Baxter to collect plants at King George's Sound but it seems unlikely that Richardson was ever in Western Australia.

John holds copies of numerous documents on William Baxter with a view to collating and publishing a paper. However, further research is required in Melbourne, in Sydney, and in France.

Any information on William Baxter welcomed. Please contactJohn if you are interested in this project.