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The First Successful Aeroplane Built in Western Australia

Model of "The Kalgoorlie Biplane"

The history of the Kalgoorlie Biplane is being researched. One of the responses to a request for information on the biplane published in Jenny Kohlen's Can You Help? column (January 26, 2009) led to this model which is on sale in the Curio Warehouse in James Street, Guildford. At this stage the sculptor is unknown.

Model of the Kalgoorlie biplane

The biplane on its stand
A sense of the size of the model
can be gained from this picture
The plaque on the stand
The plaque

Darrell of the Curio Warehouse, Guildford for allowing us to photograph the model
Don Davies for bringing our attention to the model
Jenny Kohlen of "The West Australian"