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The Cobbalana River (Pilbara)

Jennie Hardie's book Nor'Westers of the Pilbara Breed (page 42) refers to the Cobbalana River as "south of Boodarie". The Cobbalana River does not appear on current maps. This name is a local name for east branch of the Turner River.

The Turner River is 121 kilometres in length. It is assumed to have been named by Francis T Gregory, leader of the North West Australian Exploring Expedition of 1861 after James Augustus Turner. Turner was the assistant leader and storekeeper of the expedition. DLI

There is also a place known as Cobbalana Pool. I have been told that horse teamsters used to overnight there and that people used to say "Meet you at Cobbalana Pool for a beer".

Do you known any stories about Cobbalana Pool? Do you know where it is? Email about Cobbalana Pool welcomed. Please contact John with any interesting information.


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