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Epping Forest Miscellany

Cows at Walthamstow
Walthamstow. Epping Forrest
An unused and undated postcard, E 48336 published by R Snaith & Sons of 154 & 156 Wood Street Walthamstow.

Cows grazing in or near Walthamstow.

Epping Forrest
Epping Forest.
Postcard postmarked 27 August 1947 to Mrs Charlwood from W.K.

Picture of a man sitting on a log reading and smoking a pipe.

Epping Forest
Epping Forest.
An unused and undated postcard.

Path through the forest.

Epping Forest - Epping Road
Epping Forest. 3314. Epping Road.
From unused and undated (may be about 1925) Souvenir Letter-Card of Epping Forest, printed and published by J Salmon Ltd Art Publishers Sevenoaks, England.

Epping Road is part of the B181. At the Epping end of Epping Road it becomes The Plain and at the North Weald Bassett end it becomes High Road.