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Gage Roads

Gage Roads or Gage's Roads was named after Rear-Admiral Sir William Hall Gage (1777 - 1864) who was Commander-in-Chief of the East India Station when James Stirling was surveying the Swan River. (Fall, Fremantle Ports website, CustomerServiceCareers.com website).

One meaning of the word "road" is a sheltered piece of water near the shore where ships may lie at anchor in safety. (Shorter Oxford English Dictionary). The word is often used in the plural. (American Heritage Dictionary). In this context, the word "road" was probably a contraction of "roadstead".

Burkitt Roads and Tyroom Roads are anchorages in Queensland; Fly Roads and Montagu Roadstead are anchorages in New South Wales.

James Stirling(1791 - 1865)

Statue of James Striling
For a comprehensive account of the life of James Stirling see Pamela Statham-Drew's book James Stirling: Admiral and Founding Governor of Western Australia. Here are some selected milestones.

Born 28th January 1791 on the Drumpellier estate, Lanarkshire in Scotland. (Statham-Drew p1)

Joined the navy at the age of thirteen and completed his midshipman tests on the 20th January 1805, a week before his 14th birthday. (Statham-Drew p12)

At the age of 21 was made a Commander in the Royal Navy and therefore became 'Captain Stirling'. (Statham-Drew pp 21,22)

In 1823 married Ellen Mangles, the daughter of James Mangles of Woodbridge, Guildford Surrey (UK). (Constitution Centre of Western Australia p1)

As captain of HMS Success, explored and charted the Swan River and its approaches in 1827.

On his return to England Stirling successfully campaigned for a new colony to be established at Swan River. He was appointed Lieutenant-Governor of the new colony in December 1828.

15th February 1833 appointed Governor and Commander-in-Chief of the Colony of Western Australia.(Statham-Drew p236)

A knighthood was conferred on James Stirling by King William IV in 1833.(Statham-Drew p237)

In January 1839 relinquished the position of Governor.

November 1862 promoted to Admiral. (Statham-Drew p545)

Died 22nd April 1865 Woodbridge Surrey UK.Statham-Drew p545)

Ellen Stirling died in 1874.

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