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Kadji Kadji Pastoral Station

Western Australia

Kadji Kadji is located north of Perenjori and east north east of Morawa.

Kadji Kadji may have variuos names over the years including Cadgee, Old Cadgee and possibly Kadi Kadji. However it seems that in the 1890's it was known as Cogy Cogy Station.

Septimus Burt (1847-1919) WA politician, grazier and lawyer was a part owner of Kadji Kadji. ADB.. His son Archibald (Archie) Francis Gustavi Burt (1875 -1941) and his wife Clare Margaret Ursula Page (1882-1971) spent the summers in Peppermint Grove and the winters at Kadji Kadji. Pascoe, Stewart

In 1942 the station covered 129,338 acres and the rent per 1000 acres was 21 shillings, which was the highest in the area. PAB.

Present day Kadji Kadji includes Burrillgabby Lake and Nullewa Lake.

It is currently located in the Shire of Morawa but it is not known if this has always been the case.

The Kadji Kadji pastoral lease was surrendered in September 2003 and it came under the control of the Department of Conservation and Land Management (now the Department of Environment and Conservation) and forms part of Western Australia's conservation estate.

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Terry Davidson

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