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Pimbee Pastoral Station


Pimbee is "soft country" with plenty of grasses. In the Jiwarli language Pimbee means "flat" but in the Wajarri language it means the "palm of the hand". However the name of the station is said to mean "lots of stones". Paquita Boston suggests that " Men and women walked across this flat land, their palms outstretched to gather grass seeds as they walked from one water hole to the next". The stones could have been grinding stones, conveniently left at various locations for use as the need arose. Boston 2004.

It could be said that Pimbee is not flat, it is red sand hills and gidgee ridges but, it is not as stony as the mountainous land further inland. Boston 2005.

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Note: Paquita Boston's book What's in a Name? Place Names of the Gascoyne, is a very handy reference for travellers and others interested in the Gascoyne.