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Soldier's Cake

During World War II Lorna Vera Dyson (1905-2008) used this recipe to make cakes to send to Australian soldiers serving in the islands. The fruit cake was baked in a Willow brand cake tin. The tin had a straight edge not a rolled one. After cooking, the lid was put on the tin and this was wrapped in hessian and posted.

“Mum” Dyson’s hand written recipes started with a list of ingredients but like this one, additional ingredients were often included in the instructions.

¼ Butter [¼ imperial pound or 113 grams]
Cup water
1 Teaspoon spice
1 Cup Currants
1 Cup Sultanas

Bring these ingredients to a boil & add level teaspoon of Carb soda & let stand ten minutes. Add 2 beaten eggs then 1 cup of Plain flour & 1 cup S.R. flour. Bake ¾ hour in moderate oven.

© 2010 The descendants of Lorna V Dyson