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Henry Braine

Henry Edward Braine

1884 - 1957

My grandfather (H.E. Braine) went back to the UK to claim his bride, Rosaline Florence Webster (from her family's house Ashleigh which it is said "he treated like an hotel") and they were married on 5th January 1914. Later that year, they settled at Yornup (south of Bridgetown, WA).

Ed. L. van NIEROP & Co's Japan Trading Company

Ed L van Nierop Trade Mark

In 1909 and 1910 Henry Braine worked in Yokohama, Japan as a silk buyer. During this time he sent a series of letters (large PDF file) to his intended.
Some of Henry Braine's 1909-1910 Photographs [1][2][3][4]
Picture of staff of the Yokohama Offcie of Ed L van Nierop
This photograph may be of the staff of the Yokohama Office of Ed L van Nierop

Some extracts from an article by C.B. de Boehme entitled Lucky chance that saved a capital's theatre published in the Sunday Mail [Adelaide] Saturday Night June 26 1954 p9.
Extract 1:
While the fate of the Theatre Royal [in Adelaide, South Australia] hangs in the balance, another theatre in another capital city has been saved for the stage and is flourishing.

Extract 2:
In 1951 E. [Eric Edgley] and D [Clem Dawe] with their company were playing at His Majesty's [Perth], where shows were presented only spasmodically for some time.

And the theatre had been bought by Westralian Wheat Buildings Pty Ltd as a real estate investment.

Came the last night of the E. and D. season, and came, too, the general manager of WWB, Mr H.E. Braine, bent on seeing if it was a good show, which was a thing he liked.

He enjoyed himself and he felt the homely atmosphere of the show and the audience's very warm reaction.

He went round and asked E. and D. did they think his Majesty's could be retained as a theatre that would pay its way or very nearly do so.

They didn't have much doubt, and soon it appeared that the WWB directors, as well as Mr. Braine, were keen on keeping the theatre as such.

Extract 3
This theatre seats 1,575 and, according to Edgley, is the best live artist theatre in Australia apart from the Sydney Tivoli, which has a bigger stage.

Extract 4
What about Adelaide? In the midst of all the promises, plans and statements that are being offered, what we want, it seems is a fairy godfather in the shape of a businessman such as Mr H.E. Braine - one who likes a good show, and is prepared to do more than pay for a stall seat to get to it.

Note: For an overview of His Majesty's Theatre see http://www.hismajestystheatre.com.au/

Extracts from the Trustees of the Wheat Pool Annual Report and Accounts 31st October, 1956 Perth WA:
He was a prominent member of the Elizabethan Theatre Trust and worked closely with the Adult Education Board in certain of its theatrical activities. p8.

... we became worried over the serious illness of Mr Braine. In a matter of weeks he, too, was gone from us. His association with the Pool dated back its beginnings and he was its Chief Executive Officer until he died. Mr Braine's vision and energy made him one of Australia's best known wheat authorities. p9.

British Settlers' Association
When Henry Braine died in Perth in 1957 the following funeral notice appeared in the West Australian:

Braine: Members of the British Settlers' Association are requested to attend the Funeral of their late Member, Mr Henry Edward Braine. For particulars see main notice. H Beall, Secretary.

The British Settlers' Association was registered on the 27th November 1921. The West Australian noted that Lady Forrest was to preside at a meeting of the British Immigrants' Association on the 20th May 1912. Perhaps this organisation was the forerunner to the British Settlers' Association?

Does anyone recall any more detail about the British Settlers' Association?

HE Braine Art Award
The HE Braine Art Award is presented each year at Art in the Park held by the Friends of the Porongurup Range.

Australain Dictionary of Biography
Whilst Henry Braine is dignified with an entry in the Australian Dictionary of Biography, it is a pity the entry is somewhat inaccurate.
  • He was not the only son, he had both brothers and sisters.
  • He was not the managing director of Co-operative Bulk Handling Ltd; initially he was joint secretary with John Thompson, later he was General Manager (equivalent to CEO)
  • He retired from CBH Ltd in 1954 not 1951
  • "trustees of the wheat pool" should read "Trustees of the Wheat Pool"
  • He did not retire in 1951 to become manager of the Trustees of the Wheat Pool, he had been the Pool's chief executive since 1922. From 1954 until his death, he was also a trustee. [Michael Zekulioch (1997) The Grain Journey: The History of the Grain Pool of WA]
  • It appears he was a member of the British Settlers' Association (Inc), it is doubtful there was a British Overseas Settlers' Association.
  • Rosaline Braine did not "serve in the women's auxiallary services during World War II". Further Information

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